Naomi Emmanuelle || Camilla Rosa


I have always loved art, I trained in fine art and studied History of Art at Sussex University. For me makeup was a natural extension of this, allowing me to fuse creative expression with a love of helping people.



My holistic approach to makeup is simple: I always look for what is beautiful in a person's face and work on enhancing these areas until the beauty is what people see. I have never come across anyone that I could not find something beautiful to work on. I find that when people see that their beauty is celebrated it creates a joy and confidence in their appearance which shines out in photographs and in real life.


My makeup style is flawlessly natural and typically my clients want to look amazing but not overdone.  They want to be themselves, but at their most beautiful.


Sometimes they have been nervous about booking a makeup artist, fearing inappropriate shades or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I totally understand these concerns and please be assured that this is not how I work. Here are some reasons you can relax..


  • Having your makeup done by me allows you to enjoy your morning preparations. I organise the morning so that everyone feels pampered and relaxed for the excitement of the day ahead.
  • My job is about so much more than makeup. Remember that I do this every week, I am totally used to the unique stresses of a wedding morning and I am there to help you every step of way, Nothing fazes me, whether it is doing up a tricky dress if needed or having just the right product to bring down puffy eyes after a few tears.  
  • I love working with more mature faces, and have many youth enhancing techniques and products. The mother of the bride or groom has usually worked very hard for this day, so I have made it a priority to know how to create very flattering makeup looks for older skins.
  • You can feel happy knowing that your makeup is a precise fit for your personal style and comfort level with makeup.  You will feel poised for having your photo taken knowing that your skin is flawless and photo - ready from any angle.  Your makeup will look great in your photographs.
  • You can be sure I am always prepared with an extensively researched kit full of the very best professional and luxury products available to cater for all skin types and ethnicities.
  • Please be assured that I adhere to meticulous hygiene procedures and that I am fully insured.
  • Again and again brides tell me how thrilled they are that their makeup lasted beautifully long into the evening.  You don’t need to worry about your gorgeous makeup disappearing.
  • You will know that you will look radiant, youthful and naturally beautiful.


I believe women are naturally beautiful and that makeup is the ultimate tool to enhance this.  I don’t like overdone makeup that announces itself before you.  This doesn’t mean my makeup is simplistic or barely there, far from it.  I use every technique to create intricate and stunning looks that will make you look like yourself, but better.  More confident, more photogenic and even more beautiful.  If you want the latest Insta trend, then I am not the artist for you.  But if you are looking for someone who will work intuitively and skilfully to create exactly what will make you look and feel truly beautiful then please get in touch.


Naomi  Emmanuelle

Naomi Emmanuelle || Camilla Rosa

Naomi Emmanuelle || Camilla Rosa