Welsh Wildflower Wedding

Tara's wedding was held at  Llangoed Hall which, for a long time, was the family home of Laura Ashley.  I sometimes wonder what she would have thought about all these wedding in her former home.  I think she would have been delighted.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-102.jpg


Especially with the dresses.  

hannah duffy_tara_dave-131.jpg

This one was particularly lovely, with a stunning creamy fabric with lace overlay, by British Designer Stephanie Allin.

It looked amazing on.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-144.jpg


Not forgetting the shoes.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-137.jpg


Tara's flowers were by Hilary's Floral Design.  They looked particularly well against the wild flower meadow behind the hall.  Soft tones on eucalyptus, with touches of deeper green to ground - it was a delight.  

hannah duffy_tara_dave-135.jpg

And how inspired is it to shoot a chair in a meadow? 

Tara's photographer was Hannah Duffy, who took all the pictures in this post.  If you love ethereal yet classic photography you should definitely follow her work.

I love all the little detail shots.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-229.jpg

And how cute is this chap? Lady probably, looking at it again.


hannah duffy_tara_dave-123.jpg

For makeup I wanted to give a soft, diffused and romantic effect.  Using bronzy tones I gave soft contour to the socket line.  I lined the eyes but made sure to smoke it out with a combination of Teddy by MAC and a deep chocolate shadow, which gave a soft effect.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-140.jpg

Tara's hair was by Padge of Shine Studio in Bristol who created this gorgeous undone boho bun.  He was a pleasure to work with and had everyone giggling all morning.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-142.jpg

I did Tara's mums makeup.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-146.jpg

And the bridesmaids.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-139.jpg

Here they are waiting to see how she looked in her dress.

hannah duffy_tara_dave-148.jpg


hannah duffy_tara_dave-211.jpg

The girls had to go in the meadow too of course. Who wouldn't?

hannah duffy_tara_dave-208.jpg